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Welcome to Primal Design

Primal Design is a software engineering and consulting company, specializing in the development of critical applications for Microsoft Windows and embedded systems.

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Primal Design has engineered a broad range of technical and professional software solutions for the electronic, medical, printing, film, and television industries. Here are a few examples of some of the software that was developed for its clients:

  • Windows based graphics applications
  • Multithreaded applications
  • Embedded operating systems and applications
  • Communication and control applications
  • Applications for television game shows and entertainment programs
  • Device drivers and communication algorithms for serial, GPIB, SCSI, and USB devices
  • Digital image processing algorithms
  • Motion capture algorithms
  • Color conversion algorithms
  • Multimedia and image file interpreters
  • Macromedia Director xtras

Primal Design believes strongly in quality software delivered on-time and on-budget. We guarantee all of our software for 3 years and in the unlikely event that a bug is discovered, will fix it for free during this period.